Find a boat, buy a boat


For a buyer, it is usually very hard to find the international boat shipping company that he or she needs.

MarineLink published an article about the fact that new work boats are never purchased out of want, but rather of need.

They argue that such a need makes buyers to scour the web and maybe their favorite maritime magazines for information on potential designs that seems to be a good choice.

The important step is to make contact with an international boat shipping builder or dealer and request a price based on the similar vessel shown on the website or marketing materials.

For this, Boat Shipping Quote comes to the rescue. With us, the international boat shipping quote is the best that you can possibly find in the field.

“Go ahead – ask for the price, but will it truly be meaningful? Perhaps it may offer a benchmark, but in the realm of custom boat building no two boats are rarely ever alike. The design conversations tend to start off as ‘I want one just like it’ then there is a brief pause followed by a lengthy list of exceptions”, says the source.

Also, the article shows that what may seem like minor differences can be major consequences in terms of pricing and to prepare the estimate proposition is not easy at all.

As claimed by, custom boat builders do not have a catalogue where they can simply look up the desired model and fire back a price quote.

They advise that before you pick up the phone or click “Send” on the email inquiry, make sure you have enough information that will help the builder or dealer provide you with a realistic estimate.

With Boat Shipping Quote, just some simple information is enough for you to find what are you really looking for. The process starts with a clear understanding of what kind of boat you are looking for, the nature of the defined mission, and what operating conditions will the vessel be subject to. Good prices come to those who are willing to take the time and ask the right questions.

At Boat Shipping Quote you will find the whole range of designs at very good prices. The question is just one and it is simple: “Are you looking for a boat?” This is the place to find your international boat shipping partner!


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