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right-bg2how image 2SuperFlush SystemsSuperFlush SF400C for gas powered engines

What is a SuperFlush Systems?

The SuperFlush Systems is a permanently mounted “state of the art” marine engine flushing and corrosion control system designed for outboard motors, Sterndrive and inboard engines.

Simply attach a hose to the Access Panel and turn it on. It works with your boat in the water or out, without running the engine. No noise, no emissions, no pollution.

The SuperFlush Systems patented technology works by accelerating thousands of high pressure shock pulses per minute through multi-port injectors that blast salt… even built-up deposits out of your engine using only water from your faucet.

Even on marine engines with closed cooling systems, the manifolds, risers, heat exchangers, coolers and pumps (shown in red) are unprotected. SuperFlush Systems can extend the service life of these parts by a factor or 2, protecting your expensive marine engine.

Would you like to BUY this engine super flush system? They are very efficient and not expensive http://www.superflushsystems.com

US Military and Law Enforcement agencies use that too!

SF 200 system is designed for all outboard engines, Special Offer Price: $ 250.00 / any local marine technician can install it within 1 hour. Very easy installation!

SF 400 system is designed for stern drive and inboard engines, Special Offer Price: $ 299.00 / any local marine technician can install it within 1 hour. Very easy installation!

It doesn’t require dismounting parts of the engine.

Please watch video and let us know if you want us to include Super Flush System into your final invoice and ship to you with a boat.





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