Let us help you in choosing your boat transporter

When asking for a boat shipping quote, you need to be sure that you choose the company that you will be working with wisely.

To ship your boat safely, you need to consider some few steps to follow:


The first step is to select a carrier that has the additional insurance, in case your personal boat insurance doesn’t cover any transportation damages. In this case, Boat Shipping Quote comes to your support.

Due to the fact that we are specialized in international boat shipping, boat transport, ro-ro shipping, lo-lo shipping, custom made shipping cradles, shipping insurance, CE Certification and more, you can feel safe in deciding to transport your boat with us.

Boat Shipping Quote has developed an international container boat shipping method to use when a boat is too large to be rolled straight inside the shipping container. This method is a popular and economical boat shipping solution when multiple boats with trailers are packed and shipped inside the container.


The second step that you need to follow in your journey is to make sure that the shipping transporter offers you cargo insurance in order to prevent any kind of loss. That’s why we come in your service again. We offer you the best boat shipping services like cargo insurance, shrink wrap, shipping cradles, parts-repair and more. To ship your boat safely, the marine insurance we also provide, covers goods transported either over land, water or air.


it is never a bad idea to check the boat transporter’s feedback too, and see what kind of service they provide through the eyes of others to. Testimonials are a great way to see if you will have a smooth ride, or a more bumpy one.


With 21 years of experience in international boat shipping, our business is to take good care of your boat. We make sure that we pack and ship your boat from US to anywhere in the world.


When you decide to ship your boat internationally, make sure that you choose the best В quote provider, so you can plan your budget ahead. Boat Shipping Quote offers you the best advice and service, making sure that your boat is measured, packed and ready to go and ultimately safely arrive at your destination. With us as a carrier, you need to stop worrying about the size and the model of your boat because we are prepared to take on any challenge.

Also, if you are sick and tired of the boat transporters that charge you extra for gas or permit fees, you don’t need to worry anymore either, as our quote is all-inclusive.

We are committed to provide you the highest quality service to transport your boat worldwide in the best conditions possible.


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