Boat shipping from India is overpriced

World Maritime News published an article that shows that shipping a container from India is overpriced and inefficient.

The source shows, according with the ASSOCHAM study on “Transports and Logistics in India” and the data from the World Bank, that shipping price for a container from India is close to USD 1200, while from China it is in the range of USD 600, and Singapore about USD 400.

Fitting the article, JNPT in Mumbai, India’s best port, that handless close to 50% the contry containers, the turnaround time for shipping a container is 36 hours while it is less than 12 hours in Singapore, Dubai, Shanghai and Colombo.

As claimed by, a high level of logistics costs could affect India’s competitiveness, particularly for the products of value additions.

World Maritime Newspresents in their article that according to the study, India’s port handling charges are much higher while the logistics systems are under-performing relative to China, Thailand, South Korea, Malaysia and OECD countries.

Likewise, the article points out that the entire transport sector must be dealt with in a holistic manner and there is a great case for a well integrated system across different departments of the Centre and the state governments.

Also, the source shows up that in the present transport operators are to deal with a plethora of inspectors, police personnel, road transport authority officers, toll officers, port handling staff and the policies are also fragmented.

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